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The application form must be printed,
completed and sent by email to:


Organizing Committee Associazione
Amici della Musica
di Alcamo

Administration Manager Angela Di Gregorio
President Francesco Bambina Organizing Secretary Anna Lucia Allegro
Contest Art Director Lella Cuberli

Collaborator Luca Gandolfo

Graphic designer Arch. Aldo La Monica

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Regulations Partecipate PDF


1 - The "Città di Alcamo" International Singing Contest will take place in Alcamo (Province of Trapani, Italy) from Nov from May 16 to May 19, 2024. The event will be held in two different locations: the Cielo d’Alcamo Theater, and the Marconi Congress Centre.

2 - Singers from all nations may take part in the Contest, provided that they were born between January 1st, 1989 and May 01, 2006.

Note: Singers who already ranked in one of the first three positions in any of the previous editions of the "Città di Alcamo" International Contest will not be accepted.

3 - To participate in the Contest, candidates must fill out and submit the Application Form no later than April 19, 2023. Candidates may apply in one of the following manners: on-line form through the Contest Website; e-mail and fax submit the PDF.

The information for sending the application is specified hereafter:

Via F.lli S. Anna, 77 - 91011 ALCAMO (TP) – ITALY
Tel. +39 0924 505744 – Mobile phone: + 39 335 7073611 Fax: +39 0924 1916611
VoIP “Skype”:amicidellamusicaalcamo
www.amicimusicaalcamo.it - infoamicimusicaalcamo@gmail.com

After the above specified deadline, all communications are to be sent by e-mail only.

The first 100 entrants to the Contest (the Organizing Secretariat will inform the participant by e-mail about the application order), will be accommodated free of charge at the 4-stars Centrale Hotel in Alcamo in triple bedrooms with B&B hospitality until the day they will still be taking part in the Contest; after elimination, participants may decide to stay in the same hotel at their own expense. In order to receive free accommodation as specified above, participant must confirm his/her presence no later than April 19, 2023.

The conditions for hospitality are specified hereafter:

- participants who will not pass the eliminatory phase will be hosted for one night only (check-in May 16, check-out May 17)

- participants who will pass the eliminatory phase but will not pass the semi-finals will be hosted for two nights: check-in May 16, check-out May 18

- automatic qualifiers for the semi-finals (see paragraph 3, letter e) who will not pass the semi-finals will be hosted for one night: check-in May 17, check-out May 18

- participants who will pass the eliminatory round and semi-finals but who will not pass the finals will be hosted for two nights (check-in May 16, check-out May 18)

- automatic qualifiers for the semi-finals who will pass the semi-finals but will not pass the finals will be accommodated for one night (check-in May 17, check-out May 18)

- participants who will pass the finals will be hosted until the day following the gala concert and/or award ceremony, i.e. until May 19, 2024 (date of check-out).

The above specified conditions are valid only for the first 100 people who will regularly submit the Application to the Contest, as proven by the e-mail that will be sent by the Organizing Secretariat.

The application form is to be completed in all parts. Failure to do so will imply impossibility to accept the application.
The applicant must specify his/her: first and last name, place and date of birth, nationality, address, voice register, and e-mail address.

The following documents must be attached to the application form:

a) A copy of a valid identity card or passport;

b) One recent passport-size photograph, and one full-body picture;

c) A CV specifying candidate's artistic activities, including musical studies, awards obtained, professional activities;

d) A list of the six musical pieces the participant intends to sing. The composers of such six pieces must include no less than three different Italian composers. The list should specify in which phase the piece will be sung (Eliminatory Round, Semi-finals, Finals). Only one among the six pieces may be chosen by each participant from the operetta repertoire. Chamber arias, sacred arias, salon music and romances will not be allowed. Arias are to be sung by heart. While assessing each performance, the Jury will assign a higher score if the piece is sung in compliance with the original version (abiding by tonality and language), and integrally (with recitative, da capo and cabaletta), and according to lessons presented in critical editions. If two singers obtain the same score, the one who more closely abides by the prescriptions specified above will be preferred.

The Application Form should be thoroughly completed with all the information requested. For each musical piece it will be necessary to clearly specify: Author’s first and last name, complete title of the Opera, and precise incipit of the Aria (approximate descriptions will not be accepted). In the event of wrong or lacking information in the Application Form, the Organizing Committee will not contact the Applicant to correct/add wrong/missing information. Hence, Applicants will be responsible to verify if their application and program has been accepted. If a singer wishes to change the musical pieces specified in the application form, communication should be given by e-mail no later than may 03, 2024. Failure to inform the Organizing Committee before such deadline will imply that the applicant will have to sing the pieces initially specified in the Application Form. Should an application be sent after the deadline, the Organizing Committee is entitled to freely decide whether to admit it or not.

e) Automatic qualifiers to the semi-finals: candidates having already ranked in one of the first three positions in any other International Singing Contest can be admitted directly to the semi-final phase. In this case, the list of pieces to be submitted must indicate four pieces (by two Italian composers at least). All singers having the aforementioned requirements who decide to directly access the semi-final phase, must enclose a copy of the certificate showing that the position achieved in the other international contest is one of the first three (the term "International" is to be clearly specified in the certificate). The copy of the certificate submitted is to be signed by the participant him/herself as proof of authenticity.

f)  The finalists of the selections held abroad and in Italy of the 2024 edition of the “Città di Alcamo” Contest will directly be admitted to the semi-final phase. The list of pieces to be submitted must indicate four pieces by no less than two different Italian composers.

Performances will be open to the public. Pianists will be available to accompany singers. However, participants may choose to perform with their own pianist, provided that all expenses for such personal pianist are paid by the participant. In the event that a singer will not have the time to rehearse with a pianist or if organizational reasons prevent rehearsals between singer and pianist, such singer will be allowed to have a short meeting with pianist immediately before his/her impromptu performance.

4 - Participants who fail to be present at the roll-call will be excluded from the Contest, unless they provide a justified reason for their absence.
On the occasion of their first performance, all singers shall show a valid Identity Document to the Secretary Office and pay a € 100.00 administrative fee.

5 - Participants will be judged in compliance with the regulations approved for the Jury by the Board of Directors of the organizing body, i.e. the Amici della Musica Association of Alcamo. In all the phases of the Contest, the Jury will be entitled to: i) request a singer to perform only a part of a piece or his/her program, or ii) ask questions to the singers in order to better understand their artistic profiles; iii) ask the singer to perform again.

6 - The first prize is indivisible. The Artistic Jury may decide not to award a prize if no candidate is considered to be of a proper artistic level. In addition, the Jury may decide to assign ex-aequo prizes, provided that the total sum awarded remains the same. The Jury has the right to request that a singer perform only a part of an aria or his/her program, or that he/she performs again, and can ask questions to better understand his/her artistic profile.

After the conclusion of the final phase, the Jury will take the minutes regarding its decisions.
Then the Jury will post the names of the winners, prize awardees and grant awardees, without disclosing the order in which the winners have ranked. The place-list will be announced during the Gala Concert.

All Jury’s decisions are to be considered undisputable and irrevocable. By participating in the contest, singers acknowledge to accept all Jury’s decisions.

7 - The winners of the Contest shall participate in the Gala Concert that will be held at the Cielo d'Alcamo Theatre on Sunday, May 19, 2024. Failure to participate in the Gala Concert will imply loss of prize. Grant Awardees and those receiving a Special Prize will not be considered winners; therefore they may be allowed to sing for the Gala Concert only if the Artistic Jury so decides.

The program of the Concert will be established as per the Artistic Jury’s unquestionable choice, and will specify the pieces to be sung by the winners (or by prize and grant awardees, should any of them perform). Each singer will be accompanied by a pianist.

8 - Participants are not entitled by any means to request compensation for performing on the final evening, or in the event that their performance is broadcasted on radio or television. The Gala Concert will be filmed, and the video can be purchased by the winners, prize and grant awardees for personal use.
Winners will receive a Diploma of Honour. All the other participants will receive a Participation Certificate.

9 - The Organizing Committee will be headed by the Association’s Interim President.
The Committee has the right to cancel the contest in case of events beyond its control (Pandemic ,war...). All parties concerned will be timely informed of all changes, if any.

10 - Participation in the contest involves unconditional acceptance of these regulations. Should any complaint arise, only the Italian text will be considered valid. Place of jurisdiction: Court of Trapani.
For all matters not included in these regulations, the decision will be made by the Organizing Committee.

11 - In compliance with Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003, all the data obtained will be processed only for the purposes related to this contest and according to the applicable laws. Should a participant desire to update, cancel, modify or integrate his/her personal information, please write to: info@amicimusicaalcamo.it


1. ELIMINATORY ROUND: Thursday, May 16.

All participants are to be present at the Cielo d’Alcamo Theatre for the roll-call. A drawing will immediately follow of a letter for establishing the order of performances based on the initial letter of singers’ last name. This order will remain the same for the three phases of the Contest.

In the event that a singer will not have the time to rehearse with a pianist or if organizational reasons prevent rehearsals between singer and pianist, such singer will be allowed to have a short meeting with pianist immediately prior to his/her impromptu performance.

Note: The time of the roll call for this phase will be notified to the participants by e-mail and on the Contest’s Facebook page.

Each singer will perform the two pieces that he/she has chosen for the Eliminatory Round as indicated in his/her Application Form. The pianist will verify that the arias comply with the two ones specified in the Application Form. At the end of this phase, the Jury will inform singers on who has been admitted to the semi-finals.

2. SEMI-FINALS: Friday, May 17.

Singers are to be present at the Cielo d’Alcamo Theatre at 09:00 a.m. for the roll-call.

In the event that a singer will not have the time to rehearse with a pianist or if organizational reasons prevent rehearsals between singer and pianist, such singer will be allowed to have a short meeting with pianist immediately prior to his/her impromptu performance.

Each singer will perform the two pieces specified the list submitted with the application. The pianist will verify that the arias comply with those specified in the Application Form.

At the end of the semi-final phase, the Jury will inform on those who will be admitted to the Final phase.

The number of those admitted to the Finals will be established by the Jury.

3. FINALS: Saturday, May 18.

Starting at 9:00 a.m., singers will meet with pianists at the Cielo d’Alcamo Theatre. Performances before the Jury will start afterwards.

Each singer will perform the other two arias specified in his/her application form. No participant is allowed to sing an aria that he/she already sang in the eliminatory or semi-final phases.

At the end of the performances, the Jury will rank the winners. The Jury’s decision is to be considered indisputable.

All finalists who will not be declared winners will be considered as "ex-aequo".

Note: The program with the ultimate schedule will be posted at the Contest’s official locations, i.e. on the bulletin board at the Cielo d'Alcamo Theatre.


Vincenzo De Vivo – Direttore Artistico della Stagione lirica del Teatro delle Muse "Franco Corelli" di Ancona
e dell'Accademia d'Arte Lirica di Osimo – Italia

Richard Barker - Maestro preparatore - Gran Bretagna
Paoletta Marrocu - soprano - Italia


Claudio Montesano – Docente di pianoforte - Italia

Selene Grimaudo – Giornalista pubblicista   - Italia
Marco Sizzi – Cultore della Musica   - Italia


I Premio: € 3.000,00
Offerto dalla Conad

II Premio: € 1.500,00
Offerto da Messana - Alcamo.

III Premio: € 1.000,00

In addition to scholarships offered by Club Service of Alcamo, prize concerts, auditions and special prizes.
Offerto da Messana - Alcamo.

Premio Speciale della critica
"Don Rizzo - Credito Cooperativo della Sicilia Occidentale" di € 1000,00

Premio Speciale Internazionale: I vincitori del Concorso Internazionale per Cantanti Lirici "Città di Alcamo" saranno invitati a partecipare ad un'audizione riservata per entrare a far parte dell'agenzia per cantanti lirici
Salvadei Opera & Concert
di Marco Gasparrini - Macerata

Premio Speciale Internazionale
Ente Luglio Musicale Trapanese, da destinare ad uno o più partecipanti individuati tra i concorrenti finalisti del Concorso, che consiste in una scrittura per le prossime produzioni dell’Ente.

Borsa di studio € 500,00 del Rotary Club di Alcamo
Borsa di studio € 500,00 della Fidapa di Alcamo
Borsa di studio € 500,00 del Lions Club di Alcamo
Borsa di studio € 500,00 del Kiwanis Club di Alcamo

Borsa di studio € 500,00 offerta dalla Famiglia La Monica – Scalisi al più giovane finalista.



Il baritono eventos liricos
e-mail: concursointernacionaldeopera@gmail.com

canada CANADA:
Théâtre Lyrichorégra 20
e-mail: theatrel20@gmail.com
Cile CILE:
Maria De Los Angeles Maya
e-mail: concursocantantesliricos@hotmail.com
e-mail: angie.mayacultura@gmail.com
cina CHINA:
Conservatorio di Shenyang
e-mail: sycm_yb@sohu.com
Germania GERMANY:
Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts
e-mail: sneskica@aol.com

“La Mediterranea” Ente Internazionale di Pubblica Istruzione
e-mail: info@la-mediterranea.jp

Grigoryan Gayk Oviki - Tel. + 7 (963) 7508307
e-mail: info@operanight.moscow
Community of Bukovyna Representatives in Kyiv
e-mail: ovk1166@gmail.com

Fondazione Darina Takova
E-mail: darina_takova@yahoo.it
Prijatelji Muzike of Nis
e-mail: prijatelji.muzike.nis@gmail.com
Conservatorio di Musica e la Biblioteca Storia Musicale di Rocha
e-mail: ilbaritonoeventos@yahoo.com.ar


cina ITALIA: Associazione Culturale “METTIAMOCI ALL'OPERA” - Via Goito, 19 – 59100 Prato
e-mail: presidente@mettiamociallopera.it
Scuola ITALIA: Scuola di Musica "A. Palminteri" - Via Lussemburgo n. 10 - Menfi
e-mail: michelecampopianist@gmail.com

The winners of the selections organized by the entities referred above will begin trials of the International Competition for Lyric Singers "Città di Alcamo" from the semifinale phase.


Acevedo Claudio Cantante lirico ilbaritonoeventos@yahoo.com.ar
Campo Salvatore Percussionista toto.campo1971@gmail.com
Hagino Michiko Imprenditrice haginomichiko@gmail.com
Mingjian Hu Sofia Docente di canto lirico sohmj27@hotmail.com
Moceo Kumi Docente di canto lirico kumi@la-mediterranea.jps
Moles Daniele Direttore d'orchestra danielemoles@hotmail.com
Moles Dragana Cantante lirica draganamoles@yahoo.it
Nonat Alain Direttore Thèâtre Lyricoregra 20 – Quebec anonat.l20@gmail.com

Itinerant Ambassador's Duties

The Itinerant Ambassador will:
1) Initiate and strengthen the Città di Alcamo International Opera Singing Contest’s relations with other cultural institutions, artists, etc., building solid social and human relationships, and collaborating on cultural and musical projects;
2) Help the artists who want to know more and/or participate in the Città di Alcamo International Opera Singing Contest, by providing logistical and organizational support on behalf of the Amici della Musica Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”);
3) Correctly and timely inform artists and institutions about the Association’s activities and the Città di Alcamo International Opera Singing Contest;
4) Propose and expand agreements with public and/or private institutions, subject to the approval by the Amici della Musica Board of Directors;
5) Identify and choose the most proper stakeholders for implementing collaborations, common projects and agreements.



Hotel Centrale
Via G. Amendola,24
91011 Alcamo (TP)
Tel. +39 0924 507845
Fax +39 0924 507768



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Amici della Musica
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