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Franco Roberti

After passing a competitive exam for a position in the Judiciary, Franco Roberti was appointed legal auditor in 1975, to later become a magistrate at Borgo San Lorenzo, a little town near Florence, and then a judge at the Tribunal of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi near Avellino (where he was the investigative magistrate in the so-called “Easy collapses” criminal case related to the reconstruction phase after the 1980 Irpinia earthquake). On September 16, 1982, he become an Assistant Public Prosecutor at the Tribunal of Naples. In this post, he was involved with fighting crimes against the public administration and organized crime including mafia and terrorism, being a member of the Extortion and Kidnapping Division and the Anti-mafia District Directorate.
On January 11, 1993, he was appointed to the role of National Anti-Mafia Assistant Prosecutor, a post that he kept until August 27, 2011, when he became the Deputy State Prosecutor in Naples. At the same time, until October 31, 2005, he coordinated a department in charge of all crimes against the State personality including international terrorism-related crimes, insurgencies and subversion against the constitutional order, as well as a department in charge of prevention-related measures.
Then, Franco Roberti was the coordinator of the Anti-Mafia District Directorate of the Public Prosecution Office of Naples, directing the main investigations on the criminal organizations in Naples and Caserta, such as a probe that led to the famous trial vs. the so-called “Casalesi clan” ruthless killers, which allowed arresting and sentencing many fugitives and completely dismantling the dangerous gang.
On April 16, 2009, he was appointed as the State Prosecutor at the Tribunal of Salerno, personally coordinating the Anti-Mafia District Directorate.
On July 25, 2013, Franco Roberti was appointed as the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor by High Judiciary Council, taking office on August 06, 2013

Reasons for assigning the Award

This prize has been awarded to Franco Roberti for the largely renowned value of his work as a magistrate, for his human and professional cognizance, and for his authoritative attention in coordinating the Institutions he served for.
His intense activity has favoured the fight against terrorism and mafia, as well as the growth of the culture of legality, also thanks to his capability to instil in the youth interest and passion toward the search for truth.
On several occasions, National Prosecutor Roberti affirmed that, “Honesty and legality should always be our starting point. This is the real issue to be solved, otherwise all our efforts and those made by our Institutions will be vain”.


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