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Antonio Manganelli

Antonio Manganelli was born in Avellino, and is now married with one daughter. His career in the National Police Force developed working side by side with the former Chief of Police, Mr. Gianni De Gennaro, until Manganelli became the Director General of the Police Force on June 25, 2007.
He was still very young when he went to Sicily to collaborate - together with De Gennaro - with renowned magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, becoming one of the leading investigators of the mafia probes of the time. In those years, important absconding mafia boss Tommaso Buscetta was caught in Brazil, and thorough judicial inquires were conducted which brought to the famous maxi-trial against many Cosa Nostra ringleaders.
Manganelli held several highly-responsible posts. While he was the Director of the Central Protection Service that was in charge of protecting Mafia turncoats, he helped reorganizing the Service. He was also the Provincial Police Superintendent in Palermo first and Naples later. In 2000 the Council of Ministers appointed him First-Class Prefect, with the roles of Chief Director of the Criminal Police and Acting Director General of the National Police Force.
Antonio Manganelli graduated in Law at the University of Naples, and then specialized in Clinical Criminology at the School of Medicine of the University of Modena. He taught Criminal Police Techniques at the Higher Police Institute, and wrote several books on kidnapping and police investigation techniques, the most recent publication being a Manual titled “Investigare” (published by Cedam), which he wrote in collaboration with already Director of Italy’s Intelligence and Security Agency, Prefect Franco Gabrielli.
Manganelli is renowned for being a tireless worker, and for having never declined to perform his duties whenever he was needed

Reasons for assigning the Award

This prize is meant to be a sincere and well-merited acknowledgement for a servant of his own Country who has always been determined to defend the democratic principles of the Republic of Italy, with loyalty, moral integrity, devotion, solidarity and a constant self-denial for the Italian Institutions.
His example, along with his humanity and fairness, is a significant demonstration of how a son of southern Italy can become a shining model for the diffusion of the utmost culture of justice.
By reposing in the youth great expectations for the future, he has devoted himself to humanizing the essence of Police activities. Through all his activities, he has promoted not only the fight against crime, but also the culture of legality, thus contributing to educating the youth and transmitting to the people his interest and passion for the pursuit of the truth.


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